Legal Ceiling Fans for 7 Foot Ceilings

If you live in a small space that has a low ceiling, it can be difficult to install ceiling fans due to space restrictions. So what do you do if you want a ceiling fan to improve air circulation in a small area? Are there ceiling fans that are designed to be safe in a small room?


The size of the room in which you want to install a ceiling fan will help you determine what type of ceiling fan you should purchase. There are ceiling fans that can fit on 7 foot ceilings. Keep in mind, normally a 7 foot ceiling cannot take a standard ceiling fan, which is why specialized fans are available.

Flush Mount Fan

A flush mount fan is one option. This is very good for low ceilings and can be installed in the place of an existing light fixture. However, even with this type of fan, a very tall person can be hurt if they walk under the fan or raise their hand under it. Unfortunately, in most cases if you have very low ceilings it is not recommended to install any type of ceiling fan.