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Master-Halco's Legend® residential fence systems are available for almost any home application. Choose a picket style for a front yard or a privacy style for your back yard. Vinyl fences enhance your home's beauty without the maintenance you'd normally expect from fences made from other materials. As a contemporary addition to your pool area or a backdrop for the garden, these functional styles are durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly, too. Designed in heights from three feet to six feet tall, Legend Residential fences meet a variety of needs for the homeowner. Matching gates and a choice of post caps add to the esthetics. Stainless steel fasteners and hardware assure your fence will look good and last for years. The entire Legend line has been engineered for strength, durability, and superior performance, giving homeowners peace of mind and the assurance of high value.

Legend systems are constructed primarily of extruded PVC components. Much of the strength of the installed fence comes from Master-Halco's notched rail-fastening system, as well as the heavier wall posts and rails. Galvanized steel inserts in the rails add strength to longer panels. Those styles with fasteners attaching the pickets use painted-head stainless steel screws for long life and low maintenance.

You can easily customize your Legend fence to give it a special look that accents the character of your yard. Mix styles; choose scallop-top, level-top, or arch-top sections; position your gates; and choose from different post caps or even picket tops for the fence that's right for you.


Traditional-looking pointed pickets spaced apart for beauty with visibility. Available in scalloped, level, or arch top designs.


Sharp clean lines mark the distinctive look of contemporary sections. The pickets and boards all terminate at the top and bottom rails.


Anchored with the tongue-and-groove board design, this style combines maximum privacy with an attractive appearance from both sides.

Courtesy of Master Halco - www.fenceonline.com

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