Leisure Time For Seniors

Most seniors, when they retire, haven't a clue as to what to do with themselves. They have spent their entire adult life raising children, building a career, and making ends meet. Now, they find themselves facing retirement and don't know what to do. Some worry about expenses on a limited income. Others, who have planned well for retirement, cannot decide what to do. It needn't be this way, for there is so much to do for seniors it would take two lifetimes to do it all. In this article, we will discuss leisure activities for seniors, and how you can find out more.

What's Out There

You don't know until you look. A search of the Internet will lead to you to so many activities that you will wonder how you have time for them all! Almost every geographical location has a list of activities available. The website will list activities, events and places of interest to visit. Don't have a computer? Not a problem. Go to the local library and learn to use one.

Also, State and Area Agencies on Aging are there to help. The agencies are an arm of the Older American Act, and offer services ranging from places to volunteer in your spare time to help with nutrition and money matters.

Things To Do

In years past, the only activities for seniors were shuffleboard and bingo. Now we find walking tours, day trips, senior centers offering meals and exercise programs for the sedentary senior. This list is a sampling compiled from the Internet:

  • Adult day programs
  • Chess clubs
  • Bridge clubs
  • Theater groups
  • Music clubs - go and play. Learn an instrument.
  • Cycling and cycling tours
  • Strength and fitness training

The list is endless. There is something for every taste and activity level. Usually, picking up the phone can answer any questions you might have on senior activities.

The Golden Age Club

Another great resource is The Golden Age Club. This organization gathers seniors and provides activities for people age 50 and up. Some of these programs focus on health, recreational and sports activities. Many of these clubs have luncheons where seniors congregate and hold club business meetings.

Special Services

There are agencies that provide special services to the senior community. If you are homebound due to illness, a program matches you with a volunteer that will provide companionship and support, even calling just to chat and ease the loneliness of being homebound.

Volunteer Activities

Many seniors get great benefit from volunteering. Local hospitals, hospices and adult foster care facilities need volunteers to come in to visit with seniors who are lonely and unable to get out. Almost all hospitals use senior citizens to volunteer for such things as manning the information desk to working in the gift shop. If volunteering is your idea of giving back to the community and sharing your wealth of wisdom, call the local hospital or the Office on Aging for advice.

Day Trips

The list of day trips seniors can take is endless. There is something for everyone. You can visit museums, art galleries and historical homes. There are day trips to casinos for a little gambling if that is your choice and trips to historical and ethnic landmarks in your community. Every major city has a good list of these activities listed on the internet.

Learn New Things

We are never too old to learn new things. The Internet has brought us many useful things -- for example, the educational services offered by Apple. Using their iTunes program, you can log on and take college courses from one of many famous universities. Apple makes no charge for this -- the only stipulation is that you do not get college credits for taking the course. Keeping the brain active in your senior years is a good way to fight off the insidious Alzheimer's disease.

No matter what resource you use, you can find many activities to make your golden years enjoyable ones. Get out there and have a great life. We live longer today. It is time we enjoyed that.

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Alden Smith is an award winning author and regular contributor to DoItYourself.com. He writes on a variety of subjects, and excels in research.