A Little Bit About Lemon Grass A Little Bit About Lemon Grass

A native of the East Asian tropics, this sturdy perennial loves hot weather, and thrives in the deep summer heat. Lemon grass hates the cold temperatures of the north, and when planted in the southern U.S., it can usually survive the winter.

Just plant an average 4 inch pot of lemon grass outside in the spring time, care for it routinely, and in the fall, you’ll have a very attractive clump of lemon grass to enjoy any way you wish.

Scientifically known as cymbopogon citrates, lemon grass is edible. People love lemon grass for several reasons, and most commonly grow it outdoors because it radiates a soft aroma of fresh lemons, giving the yard a beautiful scent.

In the summertime, you can pull away the stems and slice the tender white base of the plant - and some of the green too - to add into stir fry dishes.

In the winter use dry lemon grass to give teas a hint of lemon flavor; add to your favorite recipe of potpourri, or add it to your favorite dish.

Who would’ve thought that lemon grass could be so versatile! When you plan your garden, don’t forget to choose the lemon grass herb to enhance your garden. You’ll be glad you did.

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