Letting Children Decorate Their Bathroom With Ceramic Tile Art

Ceramic tile art is an original and inexpensive way to let your child decorate their bathroom. Child's drawings and hand prints will offer a unique decor that they will be proud to show off. Encourage your children to create original ideas that will be theirs alone.

Ceramic Tile Kits

Most good craft and hobby stores or online stores will offer a kit that will allow your child to make individual, original ceramic tiles. These kits come complete with the tile, markers and instructions for creating the tiles. These tiles may be installed on the wall with other tile in a permanent way or they may be hung individually with picture hangers so they can be removed or re arranged easily.

Make Your Own Tiles

If you want to make a lot of tiles, perhaps as a craft project at school or camp then you will want to make your own tile kit. This is easy to do. Purchase ceramic tile at any tile dealer or outlet store. White or off white would be the best choice for colored drawings. Purchase permanent markers at any hobby store, discount store or stationary shop. Use only the permanent type. To 'fix' the color even more, purchase a clear spray on sealer such as Krylon to spray the tiles when completed. Do this outdoors using 2 light coats.