Leveling Concrete Floor in Preparation for Tiling Leveling Concrete Floor in Preparation for Tiling

Leveling a concrete floor to prepare it for tiling will ensure your tile will not crack. Depending on your floor's surface, whether concrete, or linoleum, you'll need to strip the floor to its base. Once that is done you'll need to determine if the entire floor is truly level or not. You may simply have high or low spots. Those will need to be leveled before you tile the floor.

Determine if Your Floor is Level

Use a straight edge, such as a 6 foot level, 2 by 4 inches, a string or a laser level. Beginning in one corner move the level across the floor, marking any high or low spots with a marker. If there are more than 3 or 4 low spots, or the low spots are large, using a self-leveling compound may be the fastest and easiest way to level the floor.

Options for Leveling a Floor

You have several options for leveling your floor. You can use a hammer and chisel to level high spots, or grind them down with a grinder. The easiest way to level a floor is to use leveling compound. Simply mix the compound and pour it onto the floor. As the compound flows, use a screed, float, squeegee or even a broom to level the compound.

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