Lifting a Car Using a Trolley Jack

What You'll Need
Owners manual
A trolley jack
Jack stands

A trolley jack can help you lift your vehicle in order to get under it to make repairs or perform regular maintenance work. This device is simple to use and will make any repair job that requires your vehicle to be lifted much easier to complete.

Step 1 – Safety

Park your vehicle on a flat, hard surface. Be sure the ignition is turned off. Set the vehicle parking brake and position blocks behind the wheels. Read the owners manual provided by the manufacturer of the trolley jack before you begin.

Step 2 – Positioning the Trolley Jack

Position the jack under the frame rails of your vehicle.

Step 3 - Raising the Jack

Turn the handle of the jack in order to raise the vehicle. Continue raising the jack and the vehicle until they are at the height you need. Be sure to raise the vehicle slowly.  Position the jack stands under the rear or front axle.

Step 4 – Lowering the Jack

As you turn the handle again, the pressure of the trolley jack will be released and the jack will lower. Slowly continue the lowering process until the car is secured on the ground. Slide the jack out from under the vehicle.