Light Bulb Recycling

Recycling expired light bulbs that might contain mercury is no simple matter. This is surprising when you consider the interest the American public has shown in ecological issues. But, despite the lack of light bulb recycling centers and resources available, there are methods you can use to avoid discarding these potentially harmful bulbs without health risks to yourself, your family, and your visitors. Here are 4 steps you can take to accomplish this:

Materiasl You'll Need:

  • Internet connection and computer
  • Burned out light bulbs
  • Plastic bags

Step 1: Locate Bulb Recycling Centers

Check on the Internet for local recycling facilities in your area where you can drop off expired bulbs.

Step 2: Place Broken Bulbs in a Plastic Bag

Gather expired light bulbs and any remnants of broken bulbs, place them in a double layer plastic bag, seal or tie the bag. Take them to a recyling center that handles light bulbs.

Step 3: Launder Clothing

Remove material from broken bulbs that might contain mercury. Launder clothing and clean off shoes that might be contaminated.

Step 4 – Avoid the Risk of Breathing Air Polluted by Mercury

In rooms where bulbs that might contain mercury have been broken, immediately open windows and doors for at least 15 minutes, and keep children and pets from entering the room until it has been aired out.