Light Up Your Patio the Easy Way

Patio lighting.
What You'll Need
Shovel (optional)
Solar Lamps
LED lights
Flameless candles
Rope lights
Cup hooks

Bringing your deck or patio into the light is not as overwhelming as it sounds. There are plenty of options that are both inexpensive and easy. They will illuminate your backyard retreat making it an enjoyable space for you and your guests. Here are a few options for you to choose from that will get you on the path to a brighter future.

Installing Solar Lights

Start by digging a hole in the ground big enough to insert the spike of your solar light. If you've chosen decorative solar lamps to place on your deck or patio, you can skip this step. Plant or place your solar lights in your chosen spots, making sure they will get plenty of sunlight during the day. Turn on the automatic on/off switch and the battery charging system.

You will need to wait at least a day for the lights to work.

Installing LED Lights

Using your hammer and nails, create ledges to hang your strings of LED lights. These lights are the same as Christmas lights, but by using the clear bulbs, you'll create an enchanting atmosphere that stays in style all year long. Or, you can opt to add a splash of color by getting colored lights. You can find them at hardware stores and online. To get the best deals, wait for them to go on clearance after the holidays.

Using Battery-operated Candles

Using Battery-operated Candles

The beauty of utilizing candles that don't need a match is that they can be placed outside regardless of the weather (and they won't catch anything on fire). Where the slightest breeze may blow a regular candle out, the battery-operated variety will stay lit all night long. Many come with a timer, which will allow you to keep the focus on the fun.

When staging your candles, take into account your space and the impact you want. Lining candles down the center of a table will create an elegant atmosphere, while a grouping of 10 different sizes on the corner of your patio will create a dramatic impact.

Installing Rope Lights

Run a string along the route you want to place your rope lights to use as a reference. If you are choosing to drape your rope lights, use the cup hooks to hang the lights. Now that you know where they are going, you are ready to put them together.

Place the plastic cap on the end of the rope light farthest from the power source. (The plastic cap is included in your rope lighting kit.) On the end closest to your power source, insert the male electrode spikes (also included in your kit) into the conductors on your rope light. Place the collar over the electrodes and tighten the collar. Insert the female connector to the male connector and screw the support connector in place to ensure they don't slip.

It is time to hang them and enjoy your handy work.

Get creative in your lighting to brighten up your patio or deck, and don't be af

Get creative in your lighting to brighten up your patio or deck, and don't be afraid to try something new. You will surely add to the beauty of your patio.