Light Your Yard Inexpensively Light Your Yard Inexpensively

The cost of all types of energy continue to climb everywhere in the country and it seems power is one of the leaders in the race to be the most expensive.  So with the price of electricity in your area continuing to rise, isn't it nice to know you have an inexpensive option for lighting your yard . Low voltage or 12 volt lights have been around for almost 50 years but ongoing improvements in the technology have resulted in brighter lights, more attractive designs and easier installation, making them an ideal choice for a homeowner looking to have a safe and attractive yard at an affordable price.

What's so special about 12 volt lights?

  • Economical - Low voltage lights use a transformer to reduce (step down) household current from 120 volts to 12 volts, so they use substantially less power than regular lights which means you save money every month.
  • Easy to get and inexpensive to buy - Low voltage lights are commonly sold in complete kits often for less than $200 and containing everything your need to install your own low voltage lighting system including enough low voltage fixtures to light your yard , garden, patio, or deck.
  • Easy to install as opposed to regular lights powered by household current that often require a certified electrician to install them, low voltage lights are designed to be installed by virtually any homeowner. As well, when installing outdoor light fixture that use regular household current, building codes commonly require the wires be run through conduit buried deep in the ground , but since low voltage lights use very little current, the wires can just be buried in a shallow trench, a couple of inches below the surface.
  • Safe - since 12 volt lights use such a small amount of current they're safe for people and animals, even in the wettest weather.
  • Adaptable - low voltage lights have been designed to take care of all kinds of lighting applications and are available in lots of shapes, colors and sizes - path and step lighting, driveway lighting, deck and garden lighting, they can even be used in underwater applications in a backyard pool.
  • Long lasting - low voltage lights use halogen bulbs that can range in power from 7 watts up to 75 watts and give off a bright, white light. These bulbs have an average life span of about 2500 hours giving them a much longer life than standard incandescent bulbs.
  • Many types of fixtures.
  • Area lights (sometimes called spot, wash, flood, or up lights) are designed to diffuse the light over a large object or area. They can be used to highlight specific areas such as bushes, trees, walls or statues.
  • Flood lights can be used to light up dark areas in your yard and will provide increased security around your home.
  • athway or walk lights come in dozens of styles designed to illuminate the area within a few feet of the fixture. Placing these lights 6 to 10 feet apart will provide light so you can safely see to walk along your pathway.
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