Lighted Doorbell Button Repair Lighted Doorbell Button Repair

If you notice that the light on your doorbell button is no longer lit, you can easily fix this with a new lighted doorbell button.  All you will need is a screwdriver and a new doorbell button!

Shut Down the Power and Begin
It is important that you switch the power off through your circuit breaker so that you do not hurt yourself during the repair process. 

Unscrew the Doorbell

You will take your screwdriver and unscrew the doorbell out of the wall.  Once you have done this, make sure that you do not leave any wires hanging out or exposed; this is a usual safety measure.

Dismantle and Replace
Once you have unscrewed the original doorbell button, you will then want to take it off of the wall completely and replace it with the new one.  Simply take the new one, connect the wires back up, and screw it back into the wall.

Test it Out
If you have installed your doorbell button properly, then you should just be able to turn the power back on, press the button, and hear your chimes ring throughout your home.  If you cannot, then you might have the wrong button, or you may have missed a wire!

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