Lighting Arrangement Ideas to Enhance the Atmosphere at Your New Year Celebration

From the traditional to the eclectic to the bold and different, you can enhance your New Year celebration with a number of lighting arrangements.

Vegetation Draped in Strings of White Lights Makes an Elegant, Traditional Touch

There seems to be nothing as elegant and understated as exterior deciduous trees and interior potted ficus trees layered in strings of white lights. White is the quintessential winter holiday color, putting aside the bold jewel tone colors of Christmas and moving toward the clean pureness of a new year and a new beginning. String lights give off a warm yellow-white light that adds cheer to the room, but is dim enough to give it some romance and mystery.

Lava Lamps Near Beverages Bring Light to Your Liquids

Stock areas where you are serving drinks with lava lamps of many different colors. Dim the overhead lighting in this area to emphasize the colored liquid glow of the lamps. Set out your glassware and bottles near the lamps to reflect the light more and make your drink serving area sparkle.

A Renovated Christmas Tree Refocuses on the New Year

Many people love to keep their Christmas tree up until the first week of January in honor of their religious traditions, and others simply love to see the brightly lit tree for a bit longer. Even with Christmas having past, you can still rejuvenate the tree to reflect a new year outlook. To do so, remove all hanging Christmas ornaments and multi-colored lights. Refit the tree with pure white lights, or a combination of white and blue or white and purple. Hang new year's favors like foil blowers, silver and black spiral ribbons, and other silvery glitter objects on the tree. Also, hang bend-and-snap glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark loop bracelets. Top the tree with a metallic year number instead of a Christmas star.

Birthday Candles Spell the Year out in Flame

Use those large number birthday candles that you might have seen at a toddler's birthday party to enumerate the year in single digits. Place all four digits on a platter, garnish at a safe distance with metallic confetti, and light for an inexpensive new year's table centerpiece.

Futuristic Fiber Optics Make Your Guests Look Forward to What Is to Come

Place fiber optic lamps, the kind that resemble a bushy spray of light, around various mingling areas in a dim room. Fiber optic table cloths are available that can light under and through serving plates and glassware in buffet areas.

Big City Modern Ambiance Dominates with Colored LED Track Lighting

Glamorize your party with track lighting and throw spots of light directly where you want them around the room. You can purchase a set that has replaceable colored lenses. Removable lenses come in red, green, blue or gold.

PAR Can Uplighting Turns Your Room into an Instant Dance Hall

Portable spotlights, such as PAR cans, installed on the floor around the room near the base of each wall make your celebration both colorful and classy. Space them several feet apart, allowing one light per electrical outlet in the room. You can change their color by applying a colored film over the lens.