Lighting Gas Wall Heater Safely

Lighting a gas wall heater is a short process that may need to be done periodically. If done properly, it is safe and takes around 2 minutes.

Steps For Safely Lighting a Gas Wall Heater

  1. Have a match or long lighter available to light the pilot.
  2. Find the valve located in the heater and turn it to "Pilot".
  3. Press inward on the valve. You should hear a hissing sound coming from the valve. Keep holding the valve until you smell a gas smell. This will release any air that has built up in the line. If the air takes longer than one minute to release, there may be a problem. Consult a professional if this is the case.
  4. Release the valve and light your match. Press the valve down again and place the match up to the valve. If it lit properly, dispose of the match. Continue pressing in the valve for about one minute after lighting. This will enable the flame to heat the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a simple safety device that holds the valve open only when its hot. This prevents the heater from continuing to output gas if the pilot goes out.
  5. Release the valve after one minute. If the flame goes out repeat these steps. If the flame remains lit, turn the valve to the "On" position.