Lily Of The Valley: Poisonous Parts To Avoid

Lily of the valley, also known as Convalaria Majalis, is a woodland plant native to Asia, Europe and the eastern region of the United States. Like many other beautiful things in nature, the lily of the valley plant is highly poisonous.

Parts Of The Plant To Avoid

All parts of this plant are poisonous. It should never be ingested, you should take care not to rub your eyes after touching it. In most plants such as these, the poison is a defense mechanism against insects and animals. The poisonous chemicals in the plant are generally located in the roots, leaves, stem and seeds.

What Can Happen If Ingested

If ingested, one should immediately go to the hospital. Knowing how much has been ingested is very important because this specific plant can be very toxic and may result in death. Other effects that can result from ingesting of the poison from the Lily of the Valley flower are vomiting, loss of muscle control and heart arrhythmia.

While the lily of the valley is appealing to the senses, it is extremely poisonous. It should be handled with absolute care and always kept out of reach of children and animals.