Linoleum Tile Options

Linoleum tile is an inexpensive, waterproof, and easy to care for flooring option for many home remodel projects. Many home owners will elect to install linoleum floor because of the ease or use and maintenance.

Wide Variety
Linoleum tile is now available in a wide variety of different styles. Gone are the days of having a plain design on your floor. Now, linoleum is available to look like wood strips (that come in over 20 different wood varieties alone), marble flooring, natural stone, and ceramic tile. There are also plenty of color options available to match your room, or decorations.

Installation Options

As well as having several different styles to choose from, linoleum tile is also available with different installation options. You are probably most aware of the large sheets of linoleum tile that are available in rolls. These have to measured and cut at the flooring warehouse so exact measurements are important.

You can also find linoleum tile in small 12" by 12" tiles. They are easy to install, much like regular floor tiles with adhesive. Another option for installation is with a peel-and-stick type backing that already has the adhesive on the tile itself. You simply peel the backing away and press onto the floor.