Linoleum vs. Composite Tile Linoleum vs. Composite Tile

Composite tile is a popular floor covering option for many homeowners. It works well in bathrooms and kitchens and is fairly inexpensive to install. Linoleum offers many of the same qualities as composite tile. Be sure to compare the two before you decide on the best flooring option for your home.


Linoleum is manufactured from wood flour and linseed oil. The combination of these two materials is then coated over canvas. Once the coating hardens, the linoleum is ready to be installed.

Composite Tile

Composite tile is manufactured from a variety of plastic or vinyl, binders, fillers and other synthetic materials. The combination of these materials makes the tile a durable flooring product.


Composite tile is less expensive than linoleum flooring. Composite tile costs about two dollars a square foot, while linoleum costs about five dollars a square foot.


Linoleum is typically stronger than composite tile. Linoleum can withstand about 400 pounds per square inch, while composite tile can withstand far less than that at 75 pounds per square inch. However, both of these flooring options can become gouged from sharp objects.


Composite tile and linoleum both require cleaning and periodic re-waxing. Composite tile can become streaked if it is not re-waxed properly.

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