Liquid Car Wax vs Standard Car Wax

Liquid car wax and standard car wax are two types of protective waxes that have the same objective: to coat the car's surface and give it shine. Which is better and which a user should buy depends largely on the user's needs and preferences.

No Buffing Needed

A standard car wax usually comes in balm or wax form. It holds the tradition that waxes should be spread and buffed, which some car users find laborious. For motorists who are in a hurry, the liquid car wax will prove to be handy. By simply applying the liquid car wax on the surface and wiping it dry, the car's surface is instantly shiny and protected.

Better Coat

The downside to the liquid car wax's apply-and-shine feature is that it does not provide as much protection as the standard car wax does. The coating power of liquid wax is thinner as compared to standard car wax, with the latter providing the car with better coating protection from sunrays and moisture for days.

More Economical

Since a liquid car wax is handy and quicker to use, it is more expensive than the standard car wax. As for the life of the coat, the latter lasts twice as long as the former, thus making the standard car wax more economical even if a motorist invests in buffing pads and an electronic rotary tool to aid in buffing the car’s surface.