Live Aquarium Plants That Clean the Water

Live aquarium plants make an excellent addition to any freshwater or saltwater aquarium because they help mimic the aquatic life’s natural environment. There are numerous plant species available in stores. Every live plant in an aquarium will help purify and clean the water to some extent. The live aquatic plants pull nutrients out of the water, which is created primarily by fish-waste and overfeeding. Therefore, any live plant in an aquarium has a positive effect on water quality.

Water Lettuce: is a floating aquatic plant that benefits water quality. It grows fairly quickly and removes toxins from the aquatic environment. Many aquatic suppliers have water lettuce in all of their fishtanks.

Bamboo: is a widely available aquatic plant that grows vigoriously and does wonders for water quality. Bamboo survives well submerged under the water and, in time, the roots will grow into thick mats that help trap and remove pollutants.

Anacharis: is an aquatic plant that grows submerged underwater. It is an attractive plant that will work to purify and clean aquarium water. These plants grow in long, silky columns that help trap floating debris in the aquarium.