Live Aquarium Plants That Thrive with Little to No Maintenance Live Aquarium Plants That Thrive with Little to No Maintenance

There are several types of live aquarium plants that require little maintenance in order to keep growing. They can also be very helpful to beginners with aquariums. Remember though, that all plants do need some maintenance.

Java Fern

Java ferns are tough, with sword shaped leaves, so fish don’t tend to eat them. They don’t need much light in order to survive and grow. Rather than plant in the substrate they should be attached to wood or to rocks.


Originating in Africa, anubias needs bight or medium light. It grows slowly, but it’s extremely tough with lemon-shaped leave. The growth is very steady even when neglected. All you need to do is put the roots under a rock in the aquarium and it will grow down into the substrate.


While najas are live aquarium plants that need more maintenance than the other plants, it’s more to thin the plants out to allow others room to grow. They grow very quickly and very wide, so they can dominate a fish tank. Najas are floating plants and give excellent hiding places for fish, as well as for eggs and tiny fish. Goldfish also love to eat najas. Given the rate the plant grows, that’s not a bad thing.

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