Live Load Live Load

Adding a room can help space out the live load of your house to make it appear even more spacious. A live load can also cause many distractions when adding a room as you may have to keep moving it around. This is a basic plan to help you add a room to your house.

• First start completing your dream on paper. Grab some graph paper and plan out the dimensions of your room and where you will place your live load both during and after the construction.
• The design you come up with should be proportionate to your house to help it blend it better.
• Finally make sure you find out if you need any permits for the job you are going to do. Then you can either start the expansion by yourself or hire someone for the job.

An Unforeseen Live Load Should be Accounted For

If you have overheard a family member talking about possibly buying a large live load such as a pool table make sure to account for it. If you fail to account for any extra live loads you may find yourself in a troublesome situation that creates more work for your expansion project.

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