Liven Up Your Dining Table with Decorative Candle Holders

A dining table can seem bare with place settings alone but decorative candle holders are a simple way to adorn your table and the can be great centerpieces in their own right. With a little effort, you can easily create a design of your own.


Making use of glass is a great substance to use when creating decorative candle holders. Bear in mind that small sphere-shaped candles will float in water so using a small glass bowl with these can create a lovely center piece. Amend the look by laying pebbles at the base of the bowl before pouring in the water. Create a natural look with pebbles or gravel from your garden or continue the glass theme by using colored or clear glass beads or pebbles. Consider the use of colored water or different shaped jars to change the effect of your design. Fill the base of a vase with sand before positioning a candle stick in it. Alternatively, place a decorative glass bottle on a plate or piece of wood and use a tapered candle in the mouth of the bottle.  


Wood can be beneficial as a material for decorative candle holders because it is so versatile. Candle holders can be created for individual candles or for multiple use. Carving a large piece of wood to be used for multiple candles will allow you to create spaces for various candle sizes to make it more convenient. The designs you use for individual holders can vary from a small holder sufficient for a single tea light to a larger candlestick. Both will allow you the option of carving designs into them. For a decorative candle holder which holds multiple candles, you can create a number of different designs. Whether you want a boat shaped candle holder or a circular one, begin by drawing the dimensions of your design onto a piece of wood with a pencil. This can then be cut out with a hacksaw. Trace around the base of the candles to determine the space required and use a chisel to make a recess in the wood to hold the candles. Finish off by smoothing the surface with sandpaper and wiping it with a rag before varnishing.     


Using clay to make decorative candle holders is an ideal way to add a personal touch to your table. After manipulating the clay by hand into the desired shape, use a sharp implement to carve designs into the clay before allowing it to dry in accordance with the instructions.


Make your own decorative candle holders from scratch by using a small piece of plywood which will act as a base for the holder. Place a candle in the middle of the wood and trace around it with a pencil. Using jewelry glue, build up a cluster of glass beads or shells around the line you have drawn which will not only act as decoration but will also support the candle.