Living Near A Windfarm: Five Things To Know Living Near A Windfarm: Five Things To Know

Though windfarms provide numerous benefits for cleaner, more efficient renewable energy, studies show that living near them can have negative side effects.

Five Things to Know about Living Near a Windfarm

  1. Noise: Windfarms can cause unpleasant noise, especially at night. The turbines tend to run more when cooler air creates more movement.
  2. Vibrations: The ground can absorb the movement of the turbines and create vibrations. T
  3. Aethetics: The windfarm structures are not necessarily visually appealing. The tall turbines obstruct views for some, and blades sometimes have a flickering effect depending on light. 
  4. his will only affect people living in very close proximity, and will vary depending on the number of turbines.
  5. Reception: It is possible that the windfarm could affect television, cell phone and radio reception.
  6. Health Issues: Some areas have reported health issues such as ringing in the ears, sleep problems, equilibrium and nausea issues, as well as anxiety.  New turbines have access to sound absorbing or dampening systems that are designed to alleviate some of the problems. 

Before moving into an area with windfarms, it may be beneficial to learn about the potential issues, and what some of the neighbors have experienced. Windfarms are not intended to have adverse effects, and knowing the possible problems may make living near one easier.

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