Living Room Remodeling Ideas Living Room Remodeling Ideas

Living room remodeling is a task that we may opt to take up from time to time so as to change the look and ambiance of one of the most popular rooms in any house.

Color Scheme and Walls

One of the main ways that can totally change the look of your living room is by changing the color scheme of the room. The colors used in room will determine how you feel in that room, and being a living room you should choose colors that help you have a relaxed and positive mood.  This is likely to be achieved with warm colors and soft shades.

In order to change the color scheme you will have to change the wall paint or wallpaper and also some of the soft furnishings, so as to match the new color scheme. Consequently, this may require a higher cost. If you do not wish to go through the expenses of changing the curtains, carpets, cushions and other soft furnishings and upholstery, try to be more cost efficient, but still achieve a new look. You can do so by retaining your current furnishings but adding some creative touches. For example if the color of the wall was dark blue, you can change the shade of blue, by making it lighter and adding some coving, wall stickers or stenciling. In such a way you will have given a new look to the room, but you can still keep your bluish furnishings.

Soft Furnishings

If you are able to dedicate more funds to the remodeling project you should invest in changing or enhancing your soft furnishings as this will bring about a major change to any room. Start off by hanging new curtains. Secondly try to match cushion covers and any throws with the curtains, and if possible craft them out of the same fabric. You can also consider changing the carpet or the type of flooring, such as parquet flooring for a cozier ambience for example. You can also consider changing the sofa, or if it is not in a bad condition try consulting an upholsterer who can give you some ideas to give it a new look, by fixing new covers for instance.


Sometimes we do not fully appreciate the difference that lights can make to a room. Lights can create a better, more relaxed atmosphere if they placed in the right positions and with the proper amount of light. Lights in a living room should not be too bright.


The ceiling can also help to give the room that new touch by means of additions such as cornices, paneling, coving, gypsum or beams.


If you can afford to spend more you can also change some or all the furniture in the room. This will obviously bring about a big change as furniture takes up most of the room. Sometimes if you add just one element there can also be a change to the room, for example adding a fireplace or new wall hangings or paintings. You can also remodel your room by rearranging the layout and positioning of furniture in it.

Keep in mind that if you cannot afford large amounts of money you can still remodel your living room even in smaller, less expensive ways as discussed earlier.

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