Loft Bed

A loft bed is a bed usually put in the children’s bedroom. It is similar to a bunk bed, in that the loft bed has a bed high up off the floor, at about head level, for a child. The difference between a loft bed and a bunk bed is that with a loft bed, there is only one bed. A bunk bed has beds on both the lower and upper level. A loft bed only has a bed on the upper level.

Uses of Lower Level of a Loft Bed

The lower level of a loft bed is usually designed to be either a play area, such as with a slide from the top to the bottom, a tent in the bottom area, a playhouse in the bottom area, and so on. The lower level of a loft bed can also be a desk area for a child, where the child can have his or her computer and schoolbooks, papers and art materials.

Occasionally, a loft bed has a second bed at the bottom level that goes out in a direction perpendicular to the top bed, the second bed extending out into the room.