Loft Interior: Decorating a Uniquely Shaped Room

Loft interiors can have a strange shape, causing them to be hard to decorate. They may also have low ceilings and some visible pipes. Here are some simple tips that will make it much easier to decorate your loft no matter what the shape and size of the room is.

Odd Corners

Off corners can present a unique challenge. If you just ignore this though it will draw more attention to it. You can avoid this by making it look as if the corner is there for a reason. Place a chair and a small bookcase to give the appearance of a reading corner. Place an easel to make it look like an art corner. Draw attention to it instead of trying to hide it.

Free-Standing Storage

Use furniture that is free standing instead of placing it against a wall. Instead of placing shelving units directly on the walls, try using a bookcase that has four usable sides. This will allow you to move things around as you need to, ensuring the room will look as symmetrical as possible.


Be sure to keep all your dressings uniform. Curtains should all match each other. Trim, molding, and door colors should also be identical. This will draw attention away from the fact that the loft has an odd shape.

Exposed Vents and Low Ceilings

Use exposed ductwork and vents as part of your decorating. Paint them bright colors to liven up a brightly decorated loft, or paint them the same color as the wall or ceiling they’re on to help them blend in.

Lofts with exposed vents and lighting have a contemporary look, and many residents find them appealing.

For low ceilings, use a crown molding in a light color and a light color on the ceiling to add height. Avoid the use of chair rail on the walls so that the walls look taller.