Loft Remodeling - 7 Excellent Contemporary Ideas

A loft is a room that is usually converted from a wide open space such as an upper story, an attic, or even an unused manufacturing center. Lofts make very good conversions because they add extra living space to a home or building.

A great benefit of a loft space, especially for an apartment, is that you have a wide variety of options available in design and remodeling. Here are a few excellent contemporary ideas for a loft remodel.


Any room that is being remodeled should have special attention paid to the lighting in the room. For the most part, a loft has an unfinished ceiling, or the ceiling is covered with concrete. Lighting in a contemporary room is one that spotlights, or highlights, certain areas.

Hanging Dome Lights

These lights hang down from the ceiling on a cable in different lengths and have large domes as light covers. They are usually spaced out every 5 to 6 feet to give even coverage.

Track Lighting

Always a great contemporary design idea, track lighting can be installed anywhere in the room for special, focused lighting. Track lighting comes in various sizes and light intensity.


A kitchen in a loft is usually part of the open living space. You can be in the kitchen as well as in the living room, and even the bedroom. Contemporary design is all about using new, sleek appliances that work seamlessly into the overall room. Stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops and metal framed glass cupboards are all great contemporary ideas for lofts.


A loft is not complete without some sort of heating system. Today that is either an electric fireplace or a wood or corn pellet stove. An electric fireplace should be built into the wall with slate or granite.

Wide Open Upper Floor

If there is room in the loft, an upper floor will be built into it as a sleeping area. The stairs leading to the upper floor can be an open metal plan and have small, metal tubing for railings and banisters.

Bright Wall Coverings

Contemporary design is all about being sleek and clean. While walls do not have to be plain white, the coverings can be a bright color. Use other colors throughout the room for accents. Appliances, furniture and flowers in contemporary styles can enhance the wall coverings.

Movable Walls

If there is no upper floor for a sleeping area, you will have two options. You can leave the sleeping area wide open and have it become part of the entire loft. Or, you may decide to purchase movable screens that you can divide off sections of the loft at convenient times.

Design Wide Open

It is important to remember, that contemporary design, while basically sleek and clean, is also up to you. It is your loft, so it should be suited to your tastes. Your colors, your appliances, and your furniture will all go into making a true contemporary remodel.