Log Furniture: With Bark vs. Barkless

Log furniture not only is rustic and country but can appeal to many tastes and styles. There are many kinds of log furniture that you can purchase or even make yourself. The most common type of log furniture is chairs but you can also make beds, tables, stair railings and mantles. You will find log furniture that is clean and other log furniture that still has bark on it. The article that follows will give you point and counter point to the question of with bark or without bark.

Outdoor Lounging

Creating an outdoor oasis is made even nicer by using log furniture for your seating needs. The log furniture will need to be treated and stained in order to protect it from prolonged exposure to the elements. This is where you need to ask yourself if you want bark on the log furniture or you want the bark completely removed from the log. In order to stain the wood the bark needs to be removed. The coarse log bark is resilient to being stained and painted. This is because the bark can easily crumble off over time. It will also spread dirt and debris throughout the stain or paint to create a sloppy finished project.

Homemade or Store Bought Brilliance

When you buy log furniture you will find that it will most likely be overly peeled and finished. Many people that buy log furniture want there to be a little bark left behind where logs connect to other log pieces. These will also be more of a rough cut to their look. Log furniture that is overly finished looks like it came directly from the showroom floor whereas the other kind, with bark still remaining, looks like you made it yourself.

Indoor Lodge

If you are looking to build a smoking room or create look of a hunting lodge then log furniture is a great choice. It is a choice as to if you want log furniture with or without bark. If you have a fireplace that you are going to be using then you should be aware that log furniture can still have sap within it. Once the log furniture gets too warm the sap inside becomes more liquid which means it can begin to flow out of the wood. This is more common with completely unfinished log furniture.

Cost of Log Furniture

Log furniture isn't the least expensive furniture that you can purchase but it is fairly inexpensive if you're able to do it yourself. A single chair made from logs can cost a few hundred dollars. If you were to make the chair yourself it would only cost a fraction of that.

Maintenance and Treatment

Any wood furniture you buy will have to be treated and properly cleaned. This is even the case if you buy the log furniture from a store. Pieces of log furniture that have been shaved clean from bark and overly finished are much easier to maintain and treat. Unfinished log furniture is harder to maintain due to the bark.