Lounge Chair

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A lounge chair is quite simply a chair for lounging, often used in a living room, an office room, or a private room. The lounge chair can be made of any number of materials, ranging from fabric, to leather, to plastics, to wicker, to veneer woods, to various kinds of other woods.

The key thing about a lounge chair, though, is that it be comfortable, since lounging is the only activity that ought to take place in a lounge chair. Ottoman’s are often an accessory, going along with a lounge chair. The ottoman is for resting the feet as you lay back in your chair.

The Ultimate Lounge Chair

Some people consider the recliner to be the ultimate lounge chair. Recliners come in ergonomic styles as well as traditional styles. The Laz-E Boy type of recliner has gained a place in the hall of fame of comfort, being equipped these days with vibrators, heaters, cup holders and other accessories which make lounging in them a comfort experience to be reckoned with.