Low Budget Deck Design Ideas

If you have decking outside in the back garden, you will know that it is an important feature of any home and is appealing for guests when you hold outdoor parties and this is why you should think carefully about a deck design. There are plenty of budget friendly designs available that can significantly raise the value of your home. 

Deck Railings and Posts

There are many different types of railings you can choose to line the sides of your decking area. You can choose aluminum railings or plastic railings for your deck. Any railings can be set off perfectly by installing lights that can be placed on the deck posts that hold the railings in the ground. The deck posts come in a variety of styles to from copper, steel and aluminium. You should try to ensure that these fit in well with the railings you have chosen.

Deck Lighting

You may decide that you are using your deck frequently in the evenings or maybe you just want to show it off at night. One thing is certain, and that is during the summer months in particular you will probably want to use the deck more when it gets dark. There is nothing better than relaxing out on the deck late in the evening. However often you choose to use your deck, you will want to show it off with some deck lights. There are many options available to you when it comes to lighting. You can select to install standard lights or solar lights that store energy during the day and then come on at night. To add to the appeal of the decking area you should try to install lights on the top of deck posts. This will mean you can have lighting all around the garden that will light up every part of the decking. As another alternative you can install wall lighting to the side of your house to light up the deck.


The type of material used for the deck can greatly affect the cost and maintenance. Vinyl or composite decking is resistant to splintering, warping and insects, all issues when using wood. These materials also require much less maintenance and they will not swell or shrink depending on the temperature. However, when a balustrade or railing system is used, vinyl and composite can be very expensive. Wood is a low cost decking material and pressure treated wood is the best option. Be aware that there is maintenance that is used. More tropical deck woods are very expensive. Look into recycled options for deck material. Other materials include concrete, brick or pavers.


A type of awning or cover can be an excellent choice. This is only necessary depending on where the deck is positioned. Deck awnings will also help keep the interior of the house cool which can reduce your air conditioning bill in the summer. Another option for an awning is to use a large umbrella over the areas that people may sit. Awnings can be made of a piece of material that is strung up and held taught. It is not necessary to buy one as these can easily be created yourself.