Low-Budget Smart Home Investments

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Whenever you invest in your home, you increase its value as a living space as well as a contender in the real estate market. Making these upgrades is easy and possible by tapping into today's technology with low-budget investments.

Whether your interest in investing in smart technology is to make life more comfortable and convenient or you're looking to the future and considering selling the home, either way, smart home investments pay off at the end of the day.

Smart Home Investments That Won't Break the Bank

A smart phone connected to a smart light system

There are quite a few smart devices available from light bulbs to security cameras and many types of gadgets in-between to upgrade your living space. Below are just a few:

Echo Dot

The device may be small, but it's packed with capabilities to make life easier; 50,000 to be exact. Working together with Alexa, the Echo Dot handles nearly endless tasks. The device is voice-controlled so you tell it what you need, and it takes care of the rest. The Echo Dot can set alarms, make phone calls, find TV shows, play your choice of music, turn on the lights, lock doors, or readjust the temperature settings in your home depending on the compatible smart accessories you buy.

Amazon Echo

This device, while a little more expensive than the Echo Dot provides the same service but includes an audio system using Dolby technology for a more enhanced listening experience.

TP-Link Smart Bulb

Reduce your energy usage and lower your monthly bill with help from the voice activated TP-Link Smart Bulb. Once installed, it uses Alexa or Google Assistant to follow your voice commands to turn the lights on and off as well as adjust the brightness to suit your mood.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Step up your home security level with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro that also works with Alexa. The system connects to the doorbell wiring so there's no concern about drained batteries. With the system in place, you can communicate with visitors easily. The system has advanced motion detection for pre-set areas you've selected and can send alerts to your smartphone when necessary.

Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera System

A burglar breaking into a home

Although the Arlo Pro 2 system is weatherproof, it can be used indoors or outdoors. It is a completely wireless system with advanced motion detection and fitted with a base, cable and adapter, rechargeable batteries, wall mount, and two cameras. The Arlo system is equipped with a siren as an alert when it detects sound or motion.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Whether you choose to operate the device via Alexa or control it from your laptop phone, or tablet, the handy device allows you to control the thermostat from any location. The Nest learns your habits and can automatically adjust settings for your comfort and to help conserve energy. The thermostat is estimated to save between 10-12 percent on winter heating bills and around 15 percent whenever your cooling system is engaged.

With budget-friendly devices readily available, you can make your home a secure state-of-the-art destination for comfort, convenience, communication, and entertainment.