Low Budget Wedding Ideas Low Budget Wedding Ideas

Weddings can be expensive and often run over budget. However, creative and budget friendly wedding ideas can contribute to an elegant  wedding on a small budget.

The Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid's Dresses

For the bride one of the most important parts of the wedding preparations is choosing both her wedding gown and the dresses that the women in her wedding party will wear. An alternative to buying a dress at retail price is to make your dress. Not only is this idea budget friendly, it will also give you a one-of-a-kind dress that can be designed to match your style exactly. Find photos of dresses that you like and model your dress on one of those pictures. Making your own dress will save you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. For the bridal parties dresses look for sales at bridal boutiques. Sometimes last year's styles can be bought at a discounted price. Find dresses that have a classic look. Even though they are marked as last season, often the styles are very similar to the current styles. Have the alterations done yourself. When the bridal store does the alterations most of the time the price can be higher than if you take it to a seamstress to do it for you.

Men's Wear

When choosing what the groom and groom's men will wear consider a tuxedo alternative. Instead of renting or buying tuxes that can run over budget have the groom and the other men in the wedding invest in three-piece suits or wear suits. A suit can be worn over and over again whereas a tux is often only worn once. If buying suits is out of the budget, also consider having the groom's men wear their own suits and coordinate with one another. This will save money on having to dress the men that are going to be in the wedding.

Invitations and Center Pieces

It is extremely cost effective to make your own invitations and center pieces. By choosing a heavy-weight paper and using a card-making computer program you can create unique invitations that can be customized to fit your theme. Use things like pillar candles and holders, votive, glass marbles or pebbles and fabric to create the center pieces. These are affordable solutions to making the invitations and center pieces elegant


One of the most expensive items for a wedding are the flowers. A money-saving tip when you are on a small budget is to buy flowers that are in season. These flowers cost less. Also, instead of hiring someone to make the arrangements and bouquets, make them yourself. The flowers make a statement and creating them yourself will add a personal touch.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. Don't let a small budget hinder you from having the wedding of your dreams. With resourcefulness and creativity even the smallest of budgets can produce a wonderful event.

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