Low Cost Shower Remodeling Options Low Cost Shower Remodeling Options

When you set out to remodel a shower, you must achieve 2 things. First, you must keep the costs low. Then you need make the project as painless as possible. Shower remodeling does not have to be a time consuming process, and it should not make you poor.

Completing a shower remodeling project on your own can cut costs drastically. Not all inexpensive shower remodeling projects should be attempted by home improvement enthusiasts. The following article discusses several low cost shower remodeling options.

Changing the Hardware

At first glance, the hardware is usually the first thing that you change during a shower remodeling project. It seems harder to change than it really is. If you are a skilled do-it-yourself plumber, then it will be fairly quick and easy. If you are not comfortable with doing it yourself, then hire a professional. You can upgrade from standard shower hardware by changing the faucet and shower drain.

Instant Refacing

Time slips away from us, which makes shower remodeling seem daunting at best. There are companies that fabricate entire showers from vacuum formed plastic. These systems are fairly inexpensive, last a long time, and are easy to install.

Manufacturers will install the unit, which covers the current shower. They are best used for new shower constructions, but they can also be fitted over existing showers. Instant refacing takes on the form of a spray that is applied in several layers.

Adding a Shower Wand

This is a very easy and obvious addition to any shower, as a shower wand does not cost a lot of money. They are incredibly simple to install and come in many styles and designs. All that is needed to install a shower wand is an adjustable wrench. Simply remove the showerhead and attach the water line from the shower wand to the shower head water pipe.

Sticky Texture

Shower remodeling is a home project that can benefit from the easy and simple things, as opposed to advanced possibilities. The floor of a shower is slippery and very dangerous. Rubber bath mats are ugly and carry germs and bacteria underneath them. Apply a liquid finish to create better footing. It makes the shower floor much safer.

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