Low on Finances? Use Outdoor Artificial Plants Low on Finances? Use Outdoor Artificial Plants

An outdoor artificial plant can really take the hassle out of gardening and is cheap in the long term. For many homes or workplaces where cash is limited, artificial plants are a realistic solution to decorate any outdoor place. One of the main reasons why normal plants are so expensive in the long term is their upkeep. Not only do they need regular watering and fertilizer, but they are also prone to bug infestations, which may prove to be extremely costly to get rid of. Furthermore some plants might not survive the hot summer months, while others would not live past the harsh winter season. This would lead to continuous seasonal expenses to re-invigorate your outdoor garden.

With synthetic plants this hassle is solved, however you do need to be careful of a few things to use and keep outdoor artificial plants successfully.

Locate your Artificial Plants Wisely

The initial cost for purchasing an artificial plant may be as expensive as buying a real one. Thus, to ensure long term usage of your synthetic plant, you must always keep it away from direct sunlight or from strong winds. Just like any other material it can be torn or ripped during extreme conditions. Furthermore when exposed to prolonged sunlight, the color of the flowers and foliage would turn pale in coloring, leaving it even more artificial. Ideally it should be placed in a sheltered area, where the sun rays hit it for only a couple of hours per day at most.

Keep your Plants Clean

The long-term build up of acidic rain, oil and dirt can cause your artificial plant to disintegrate. Thus, especially during the dry season, hose the plants gently on an occasional basis to keep them clean. Remember not to overpower them with high water pressure from your hose. This might cause unalterable physical damage such as bending of the stalk.

Relocate in Extreme Conditions

If bad weather is foreseen, such as prolonged snowing or gales of wind, try to relocate your artificial plants to a sheltered area, even if it means keeping them inside your house. Heavy snowfall or wind will physically impair your artificial plants, rendering them useless. A well cared for synthetic plant could last up to 10 years, but if forgotten in unfavorable conditions, you would be lucky if it lasts a year.

During the winter season spray the foliage with non-stick cooking spray to avoid frost and ice sticking to the leaves, thus preventing physical damage.

While artificial plants can never match the vibrancy of real plants, they are a cost effective means of keeping your garden colorful. Nowadays one can purchase literally any type of artificial plant, ranging from ivy bushes to miniature ficus trees. With some intelligent landscaping ideas, and maybe a mixture of real and artificial plants, you could lighten up your garden and save up on cash. Keep in mind that the longer you manage to keep your artificial plants in optimum condition, the bigger the bargain you would have made.

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