Low Wattage Bulbs for Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting requires less brightness compared to that for a study room or an office. It used to be that all areas of a home would have the same kind of lighting no matter what the room was used for. This actually happens even today.

Some bathrooms are very poorly lit. It can either be too gloomy that it makes you just hate it to shower there or it can be too bright and you get to see all your terrible wrinkles and impurities illuminated garishly.

Aside from figuring out the best bathroom lighting which will make this room more comfortable for you, there are other reasons to reconsider the way your bathroom is lit. Nowadays everybody is concerned with energy efficiency and it is time that you jump in on the bandwagon too.

Low Watt Bulbs for Bathroom Lighting

You can change the bulbs in your bathroom to those that have a lower wattage. Low watt bulbs today are actually descendants of those that used to be put up in photo studios. These give a soft lighting because of the way the light spectrum works. You can opt to use them in different fixtures, depending on what you prefer. Some use them as sconces or as Hollywood-style lighting. Make sure that, in choosing a fixture for your bathroom lights, you get ones with translucent lenses. The clear lenses will give a glaring effect while opaque ones will not do a good job of illuminating the room and your face. Also see to it that the fixture is not tinted with any color as this can distort what you see in the mirror and how your face is lighted.

Advantages of Low Watt Bulbs

Low watt bulbs can be used for much longer and the energy costs are lower as well. These light bulbs can be used around 8 to 15 times longer than the regular ones. And they only use around 30 percent of the energy that brighter bulbs do. Low watt bulbs do, however, cost more than the regular powered light bulbs but the savings can be found within your power bill.

Aside from all the energy efficiency benefits that you get from the low watt light bulbs, you also get to enjoy a milder and more delicate light for your face. You need light that does not place shadows on your face.

You can also choose from a variety of light textures. You can opt for a cool or warm color temperature. Certain skin tones benefit more from a warmer light color while others look best in cool tones.

Remember that the lights in your bathroom should accurately illuminate and flatter your features. They should also make the room a comfortable one to be in. Having bathroom lights that are too garish will make the place feel cold and uninviting.

Switching to low watt bulbs for your bathroom will make your shower area an inviting one but will also help make our planet the wonderful, inhabitable place it was meant to be.