Low-Voltage Patio Lighting: Cable Gauge Size Low-Voltage Patio Lighting: Cable Gauge Size

One of the ways to continue entertaining into the night is to add some patio lighting to your outdoor living space. This lighting is low voltage lighting so there is little energy use as well as ease in installation. Many people use the patio lighting in on their decks, patios, swimming areas, walkways, and in their garden for extra ambiance.

12 Volt Patio Lighting

Low voltage outdoor patio lighting uses only 12 volts of energy rather than the normal 110 volt that most appliances run off of. Because of this, these outdoor lighting kits are very popular among do it yourself homeowners.

Different Gauges of Wiring

The low voltage lighting must be weather resistant as they are mostly used out in the elements. The cable itself is available in different gauges so that they are not susceptible to weather damage.

  • 16 Gauge - This type of cable can carry up to 150 watts and is used with a small string of lights for a low powered glow.
  • 14 Gauge - A step down from the 16 gauge, this cable will carry 200 watts within the circuit for a longer string of lights with a little brighter shine.
  • 12 Gauge - The most widely used type of outdoor lighting cable is the 12 gauge that carries 300 watts of power.

Depending on the actual type of application, you will find that the different gauges will work well with different environments.

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