Lubricating a Throttle Cable

What You'll Need
Lubrication spray
Cable lubrication tool
Needle nose pliers

The throttle cable helps control how fast your motorcycle goes. The throttle cable is a very durable piece of equipment. If dirt or grease gets in it, however, it can stick. There will also be very rare instance when the throttle cable will break. Lubricating the throttle cable makes it operate smoothly and minimizes the risk of it breaking. It’s not a complex job but it does take concentration.

Step 1 - Throttle Lever

You’ll need to remove the throttle cable from the throttle lever before you can start thinking about lubricating it. To do this, begin by loosening the nut that lucks the cable to the lever. With that done, you will have to unscrew the entire assemble for the throttle cable adjustment and then take the cable off the lever. To free it, you’ll have to twist the cable to the post will slip out of the socket on the lever.

Step 2 - Carburetor

The other end of the throttle cable is connected to the carburetor and you’ll need to disconnect it. Trace the cable and you’ll discover that it either bends or has a slot through which you can pivot it and to let you disengage the end. Use the needle nose pliers to remove it. With some makes, you’ll find that a screw and mounting bracket holds the cable in place. If so, loosen them to take out the cable.

Step 3 - Degrease

Now you’re ready to use the cable lubrication tool. Place it on the end of the throttle cable that was attached to the throttle lever and force it tight on the cable. You’ll need it like this in order to clean the cable properly. Take your degreaser spray. You’ll see that the cable lubrication tool has a small hole. Push the nozzle of the degreaser into that, then spray. You want to use a good amount in order to clean the cable fully, forcing out all the dirt at the other end. The spray acts like a flush.

Step 4 - Lubrication

After you’ve finished with the degreaser, leave the cable lubrication tool in place. Insert the nozzle of the lubrication spray. You should make sure that the lubricant is meant for cables. Be generous when you spray. This will flush out the remaining degreaser and allow lubricant to coat the throttle cable.

Step 5 - Finishing

You need to put the throttle cable back in place. Start at the carburetor end, ensuring it’s tightly in place and won’t slip out. Run the cable back to the throttle lever. Attach it to the lever and secure in the mechanism. Put the mounting bracket back in place and tighten it. You need to tighten the adjuster nut in order to change the pull of the throttle cable. Make sure you don’t tighten it too far. When you’re happy with it, you can tighten the locking nut on the assembly to finish the job.