Lubricating Van Sliding Doors

What You'll Need
Flat-head screwdriver
Phillips head screwdriver
Soft cloth
WD40 weight lubricant
Inline socket assembly
Socket kit
Magnetic tool

The sliding doors of a van can easily become too stiff to close. Fixing the problem yourself is a lot easier and cheaper than a visit to the dealer or a garage. The following article will instruct you on how to properly lubricate the sliding doors of your van.

Step 1 - Lift the Tailgate

You'll need to first lift up the tailgate in the rear of the van. Use the flat head screwdriver to remove the screw coverings. You can now use the Phillips head screwdriver to take out the screws for the taillight. At this time you will have to force the uncovered assembly straight back so that you disconnect the pin that is in front of the exposed assembly. Be careful that you do not damage the paint on the vehicle. The pin is usually made out of plastic and, if it breaks, you can repair it with hot glue. If the pin breaks before it is removed you can use the socket wrench to remove the pin. Doing this allows the sliding doors to open further so you can gain access to the parts you need to lubricate.

Step 2 - Take Out Screws

Black and white vans.

Make sure that the sliding doors of the van are closed. You can then use the Phillips head screwdriver to take out the screws located at the back of the track cover. If your van has two sides you will be repeating this twice. Now you may open the sliding doors. Use the inline socket along with the proper socket to remove the bolt that is in the front of the cover of the track. Try not to drop the bolt, but if you do then you can use the magnetic tool to retrieve it. You can now close the sliding doors. Take the track cover and move it toward the rear about 1 inch. You will now be able to see the actual track, gliding wheels, and movement track.

Step 3 - Clean the Assembly

Take the soft cloth and gently slide it over the cable and track from the back toward the front. The goal here is to try and remove any built up grime and dirt that may be present. You want to be able to see metal and not black grease or grime.

Step 4 - Lubricate

A red and white van.

Once the sliding door assembly is cleaned you can lubricate it. Put a small amount of grease on a rag and rub it onto the track and cables. Use a generous amount to get the guide rails and cables well lubricated. Spray the wheels with the WD-40 weight lubrication. Once the track and wheel are lubricated you should open and close the sliding doors several times. Add more grease and lubricant until the door glides open and closed. Use another clean towel and wipe off the excess lubricant. This will prevent the assembly from acquiring clumps of grease and mess. The assembly can now be put back together.