Luxury vs. Basic Clothes Iron: Differences in Features

When shopping for a new clothes iron, you will need to decide between a basic iron and a luxury model with more options. Although a deluxe clothes iron will cost you more up front, its energy saving options can save you more in the long run. Both low and high end irons will do the job adequately well and your decision may come down to what you are willing to pay for.

Energy Savings

A basic clothes iron will either be on or off, sapping electricity even when you need to step away to answer the phone. If energy efficiency is your priority, look for an iron that has an automatic turn-off. Whether it is time or motion activated, the automatic shut-down will help you save energy and protect you from dangerous accidents.

Steam Settings

Steam is what gets your ironed clothes crisp. The most basic of irons don’t even have steam capabilities. A lower end model will offer you steam or no steam options. A deluxe clothes iron will let you adjust the amount of steam you use. Controlling the amount of steam coming from your iron will let you protect your clothing, getting the crease just right.

Temperature Settings

Different fabrics need to be pressed at different temperatures. Silks and man made fabrics need to be pressed at a lower temperature or you will risk burning a hole in them. Natural fibers, such as cotton or linen, need extremely high temperatures to get a crisp crease. A deluxe clothes iron will allow you to control the temperature to your liking, indicating which temperature is best for clothing on the ironing board.

The Cord

A tangled cord is an ironing curse. A danger to trip over, a clothes iron cord is also difficult to store. Look for irons that have either a retractable cord or a cordless option. It may seem like a small thing, but taking care of the cord will also take care of a lot of frustration.