Available at a price of approximately $95 to $145, Magefesa pressure cookers are but one of the products offered by this Spanish kitchenware manufacturer. Their Practika Plus Trio and Vital Due pressure cookers are high-end units that are equipped with numerous safety features that make for problem-free operation. Built from the finest of cookware materials, pressure cookers from Magefesa are a little more than some competitors' models, but their overall quality is apparent at first glance.

Vital Due Pressure Cooker

The Vital Due model pressure cooker from Magefesa goes for around $95. It features a dual stacked pressure cooker configuration. Made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum, this pressure cooker heats fast and evenly and is incredibly strong, thanks to its design characteristics. The diffused base ensures heat spreads efficiently and evenly. The 5-security system includes a safety valve, an alarm valve, a safety window and a safety pressure sensor. Included with the Vital Due is a steamer insert and valve cleaning wire.

The Practika Plus Trio

Made from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel with elements of chrome and nickel, the Practika Plus Trio pressure cooker costs around $145. It features dual vessels with a 4.2- and 6.3-quart capacity, respectively. Use of this cooker can cut energy use by up to 70 percent while cooking up to 3 times faster than other cookware. Features include an easy lock, thermal diffusing base and Magefesa's 5-security system.