Magnetic Door Alarm

Commonly found on pool gates, cabinets containing sensitive items or various entry points, a magnetic door alarm is an inexpensive 2-piece unit that provides a level of protection against intrusion or accidental entrance into a hazardous area. Magnetic door alarms are incredibly easy to install. They are also a more affordable alternative to the installation of a home security system. Once in place, a magnetic door alarm will immediately inform you that a monitored door has been opened.


A magnetic door alarm has a 2-part installation. The larger section of the alarm contains the battery, electronics and audible alarm, plus any controls. A second, smaller piece is separate from it, but they are joined by a magnet. The two pieces install onto the door itself and the jamb or frame adjacent to it. When the door is closed, the magnets connect, creating a contact point. Once armed, should the magnetic contact point be broken, the internal, high-decibel alarm will sound.


Depending on the door alarm, different features may be present. Most feature an on/off switch for simple disarming or an on-board button to quickly deactivate the alarm. The high-decibel alarm is easily heard throughout a house. Magnetic door alarms are DC powered, commonly with button cell batteries and are designed for use on virtually all door types, from cabinets to sliders.