Maintain Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are expensive investments and require dedicated maintenance and care if you plan on using one for a long time. These area some steps that you can follow to ensure that you get the most out of your hot tub.

Test the Hot Tub Water Weekly

In ensuring that your hot tub is in perfect working condition you need to test its water weekly. Testing is done differently for different types of hot tubs. Usually, a newly purchased hot tub will come with testing drops or strips that are meant for your type of spa.

For a hot tub that uses bromine, your test strip will indicate the amounts of bromine and chlorine as well as the water’s pH and alkalinity. Chlorine sanitized hot tubs test for the pH and alkalinity. If you bought a naturally purified hot tub, your test strip will indicate the amounts of monopersulfates in the water as well as the pH and alkalinity.

Testing is important to ensure that the water composition is suitable for use. It is also vital in ensuring that the hot tub is free from problems like mineral buildup, scaling, and stinking water. Your tests will determine the action to take if your hot tub experiences problems. In such a case you will need to add the required additives into the water to restore the perfect balance.

Giving Your Spa Shock Treatment

In hot tub upkeep, add a ‘stronger than normal’ dose of sanitizer at least once weekly. You should shock your hot tub according to the number of times you use it weekly. If you are in the tub once to four times weekly then one weekly shock will be enough, but if your use is more frequent then two shocks per week will work perfectly. This applies for chlorine and bromine sanitized hot tubs.

If your spa uses a natural purifier, you should give it a light shock after every use in addition to a heavy shock every week.

Let the Pumps Run

Whenever the water in your hot tub is allowed to remain stagnant for prolonged periods of time, it forms sufficient grounds for the development of fungal and bacterial colonies. It will be advisable to let your spa’s pumps keep running for most of the day, if not all day long.

If you opt to have the pumps running for a certain number of hours daily then you can invest in automatic timers which will turn the pumps on and off.

Know Your Chemicals

Maintaining the right pH in your hot tub can be quite manageable if you understand the purpose of adding each chemical. There are different products for hot tubs with excessively high pH as well as those whose pH levels are low.

It is however very important to ensure that your hot tub has its purifier in at all times whether natural or bromine based.

Keep the Pump Filter Clean

All hot tubs come with the manufacturer’s instructions about how the pump is to be cleaned. With these instructions, your task will be to ensure that no debris clogs the filter basket. This will in turn keep the hot tub in perfect running order.