Maintaing an Electric Car Without a Garage

Is maintaining an electric car without a garage possible? Of course, many people these days are concerned about saving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. Using electric cars are certainly one of the ways in which we can prevent harmful emissions on a daily basis. Although this a desire for most people, it can be a difficult transition if you don't have access to a garage. So instead of saving the ozone layer, many people will do nothing because it seems the changes necessary to their lifestyle would be too cumbersome. But is there a way to easily maintain an electric car if you don't have a garage?

Electric Stations

If you don't have a garage, use electric stations to help you charge your car. On the website for the U.S. Department of Energy you can find a list of alternative fuel stations all over the U.S. You can do a search to find the closest stations to your location.

Inductive Charging

This method is being used with the new electric car models and utilizes a wide paddle that fits into a slot near the battery. This technique is being employed to reduce electrical shocks as well as extending the battery life.