Maintaing Porcelain Tiles Maintaing Porcelain Tiles

What You'll Need
Paint roller
Tile sealer
Silicone grout sealer
Dustpan and brush

It is important to regularly take the steps necessary to maintain porcelain tiles, which will ensure that they remain in good condition. Understanding what is required as part of this process will ensure that your floor lasts for a long time.

Step 1 – Clean

Sweep up any loose debris from the porcelain tiles, which can cause scratches if not removed.

Clean staining by wiping the surface with a sponge that has been dampened with tepid water. Add some tile cleaning solution to the water in the event the tiles are affected by stubborn stains.

Step 2 – Grout

Repair any grout that has become dislodged or damaged, as this can result in water ingress. Use a paintbrush to lift the loose particles from between the porcelain tiles before applying silicone sealant to affect a repair. Immediately wipe away any sealant that is inadvertently applied to the tiles.  

Step 3 – Seal

Porcelain tiles that are laid in a wet area will need to be sealed to prevent them being affected by the water. Apply tile sealant to the surface with a paint roller and ensure it is evenly spread; use a paintbrush for neat edges.

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