Maintaining a Grey Water Tank

A grey water tank is the tank in a recreational vehicle (RV) that is used to hold all of the waste water; save for the water from the toilet. Properly maintaining the grey water tank is important to eliminate potentially foul or offensive odors and to help keep bacteria from growing in the tank and spreading throughout the RV.

Tank Cleanliness is Essential

You should empty your gray water tank as often as possible, and always ensure that the tank is emptied before you leave a campsite. Allowing dirty water to sit for long periods of time is one of the surest ways to experience bad smells from the tank as well as allow potentially harmful bacteria to begin forming.

If possible always thoroughly rinse the grey water tank with a water hose before putting it back into your RV. Using water softeners in your grey water tank will make cleaning and rinsing the tank much easier by forcing solid materials to slide down into the base of the tank. Soft water makes cleaning the tank much easier.

Chemical Additives

At a minimum, you should consider adding a couple of capfuls of chloride bleach into your grey water tank to help combat bacteria and smells. However, adding a series of holding tank maintenance to the grey water tank will provide even greater protection.