Maintaining a Vent Duct: Cleaning Asbestos

To prevent common airborne diseases, including allergies and asthma, it is necessary to follow recommended vent duct cleaning procedures in every home. The cleaner a vent duct is, the cleaner the air will be that occupants of a home get to breathe. In addition, clean vent ducts also reduce the risk of a fire breaking out in a home, so keeping it clean is important for safe living as well as for economic reasons.

Importance of Cleaning Vent Ducts

The Environmental Protection Agency warns that improper maintenance of vent ducts can lead to contamination of dust particles, pollen and debris. If moisture also develops in the ducts then there will be the risk of mold and spores, which if released into the home can cause avoidable illnesses. The end result is allergies or other ailments, which can best be averted by performing routine maintenance.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos is normally found in different products used in buildings and homes, including pipe insulations, duct seams and in floor tiles, to name a few different materials. Removing asbestos from the vents should be a top priority and is best left to professionals that specialize in it. This is because any material that contains asbestos will pose a health danger, especially when the material crumbles or breaks and in doing so contaminates the air with asbestos fibers.

If a person breathes in asbestos fibers that are floating in the air they risk developing lung ailments that will result in different problems, including breathing difficulties, lung cancer and mesothelioma. The worse thing is that symptoms of such ailments only show up years after the problem began, by which time the ailment will be in a more advanced state.

The good news is that risk of being exposed to asbestos in a home is generally very small. Running routine and regular maintenance work on the vent ducts is the best way to minimize a number of dangers, including those of fire and serious diseases.

Bi-annual Cleaning

Unless vent ducts are cleaned bi-annually, chances are that the vents will become clogged. In fact, depending on the frequency with which a home is cleaned by a dryer, the vent ducts will have to be cleaned just as frequently.

Applying Chemical Biocides

Chemical biocides are meant to kill contaminants that are microbiological by nature. However, using these biocides in the insides of a vent duct can prove to be effective only if the biocides are applied after having thoroughly cleaned out every last vestige of dust and debris from the ducts.

There is, however, nothing to suggest that vent duct cleaning can be detrimental in any way. The only issue is that the cleaning must be done properly. The main risk is in using the wrong vacuum collection system, which will lead to dust, dirt and contaminants being released into the air. That in turn will cause damage to the ducts and to the heating/cooling systems.

Best Time to Maintain Vent Ducts

By running a few checks, it becomes easy to determine whether vent duct cleaning is in fact required. If mold growths are noticed in the metal ducts or vermin have begun to infest the ducts, it is time to perform maintenance of the ducts. The same is the case when ducts become clogged with dust, debris and also when particles of dust, dirt and even asbestos start to pollute the air in a home.