Maintaining Outdoor Polypropylene Rugs

What You'll Need
Water hose
Soft sponge or brush
Pieces of cloth

Polypropylene rugs may be used both indoors and outdoors and are a practical choice. Even if these types of rugs are more durable, the ones that are kept outdoors are prone to additional wear and tear and should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.



Step 1 -- Clean the Rugs

To maintain your polypropylene rugs, you should clean them regularly using a water hose. Vacuum the area first and then use detergent and water to wash the surface. For more resistant spots, scrub the area. Dry with pieces of cloth or allow to air dry.

Make sure you remove all detergent from the rug, as otherwise the area may become sticky and attract dirt.

Step 2 – Remove Dust and Debris

You may also remove dust and debris from the polypropylene rugs, without having to wash the rugs every time. Use a broom or simply shake the rugs.

Step 3 – Always Dry Rugs

If the carpets get wet, you will have to dry them or wash them first and then allow them to dry. If you have snows during winter, the rugs shouldn’t be kept outdoors.