Maintaining Outdoor Stair Railings Maintaining Outdoor Stair Railings

Maintaining your outdoor stair railings can prove to be a harder task than you may have originally planned. Whether you are installing new railings and are trying to decide which kind, or you are doing maintenance on your current railings, here are a few tips to help keep them as good as new.

Choose the Right Material

When you are choosing the material for your outdoor railings, you obviously want to find something that is appealing to the eyes and looks great on your home. You also want to keep in mind, though, the kind of material that you are picking. Wood is great for decks or outside patios, or even tempered or fiber glass, which has become much more popular lately. Wrought iron and stone are other choices that you can pick from if you are doing the front patio or porch.

Protect the Material

Another important thing to do once you have chosen the best material for your railings is to protect them. Depending on the material, you can find the appropriate kind of sealer to use by just asking in a hardware store. This can be done for new railings and should be done right away before it rains or snows, and make sure that you allow time for it to dry as best you can before rain or snow hits. Also, you need to follow the instructions on the sealer or stain to find out how often you need to reapply it. Many times it is once a year or sometimes once every few years. Either way, you need to make sure to apply it right away and then continue applying so that your railings stay protected from weather, people and debris.

Keep Them Clean

This is important for two different reasons. The first reason to keep your railings clean consistently is to make them look nice and appealing, so you can tell if there is any wear or tear that needs to be fixed. The other reason is that if you wait and only wash the railings every once in a while, then you will have to work harder to get them clean. This means using more product, rougher cleaning sponges, and more man power. This will be not only a nightmare for you, but you may end up scratching or taking off a protective layer of the railing if you have to work really hard to get the dirt off. Using a light cleaner with a soft rag when you are doing your regular weekly chores is the best way to keep them consistently clean and looking fresh.

The bottom line is that if you take the proper steps to protect your railings and be proactive, then you will give them a longer life and save yourself money in the end. Just treat them like any other railing in your home and clean them often, and you will find that they stay fresh-looking longer. 

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