Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors offer a practical and stylish design solution in any setting. With minimal maintenance, this type of flooring will continue to look it's best for years to come. Follow the simple tips below for to most effectively clean and maintain your polished concrete floors.

Seal Polished Concrete for Easy Maintenance

When you first have your polished concrete floor installed, it is a good idea to have the surface sealed. Applying a chemical sealant to the surface of the concrete will reduce the porosity of the floor and make it less likely to be effected by marking or staining from everyday use. A sealed polished concrete floor will have a wipe-clean surface, making it easy to deal with accidents and spills as they occur.

Sweep or Vacuum Polished Concrete Floors Regularly

The glossy finish of a polished concrete floor can be dulled over time if dirt particles and grime are allowed to collect on the surface. The effect is not only caused by the presence of the dirt itself, but also by the abrasion of particles against the polished surface as the floor is walked on. For this reason, it is important to ensure that polished concrete floors are swept of dirt and debris on a daily basis, reducing the possibility of the dulling effect from footfall on grimy areas.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the polished concrete, but you should ensure that you only use a vacuum that is approved for use on all floors for this job. Vacuum cleaners designed for the cleaning soft floor finishes like carpets could scratch or cause other damage to the finish of a polished concrete floor.

Cleaning Spills and Stains from Polished Concrete Floors

As accidents happen, your polished concrete floor may be affected by spilling or staining. If polished concrete has been sealed, then it is less likely to be permanently marked in this event. However, unsealed floors can soon take on permanent stains if slops or spills are left untreated. Anything spilled on the polished concrete surface should be quickly wiped up using an absorbent cloth. Try not to spread the spill further when doing this as you do not want to mark other areas.

Wash persistent marks using a solution of pH-neutral detergent and water. If you have stains proving difficult to remove, you can use a solution of bleach and water, but be aware that this could affect the color of an acid stained polished concrete. If you have this type of flooring, it is recommended that you first do patch testing in an easily disguised spot.

Washing Polished Concrete Floors

To remove everyday dirt buildup, mop polished concrete floors with a solution of pH-neutral detergent and water. Buff the finish to a shine after drying, but do not apply wax as this can build up over time and dull the natural finish of the floor.