Maintaining Porcelain Door Knobs Maintaining Porcelain Door Knobs

Porcelain door knobs add a special elegance to your doors. Whether your style is vintage, Tuscan, or modern, there are many choices to include these beautiful door knobs to your decor. They are not hard to maintain but you will need to give them a little attention to keep them looking good, and in good condition.

Safely Cleaning Porcelain

You will want to use gentle soap when cleaning porcelain door knobs. Regular dish liquid mixed in water will be very effective and not harm the finish. Also use a soft cloth or sponge. If you prefer to use an Eco-friendly alternative, use use white vinegar in place of the dish liquid, and be sure to rinse well.

Cleaning the Fittings

The fittings always seem to get gunk built up on them. To remove this debris, use soft-grit sandpaper to gently remove the buildup and then use the above cleaning solution to finish the removal.

Tighten the Fittings

After you have cleaned the door knob and the fittings, you will want to check the screws on the door knob as well as the plate. Use the appropriate screwdriver and tighten them all. Twist the door knob to be sure it feels tight.

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