Maintaining Your Garage for an Electric Car or Hybrid

If you want to convert your garage to support an electric car or hybrid, then you will need to do a lot of maintenance work in order to get the job done. In the past, electric cars needed regular refueling at local stations, and they ran out quickly once they were being used. However, advances in the technology of the electric or hybrid car, and the government support of these environmentally friendly machines, has brought about an increase in the amount of enthusiasm for these machines. If you are looking to have one of these cars in your garage, then you will need to begin by adding an electrical outlet to support the vehicle.

Adding an Electric Outlet

Before you start adding an outlet to your home, you will need to work out what kind can best fit your car. Ordinary garage electrical outlets can be used by some modern cars, which means that you only need to connect the plug to the socket, and you will be charging up your car. These are by far the easiest of outlets to fit into your garage, and some modern builds may already include these chargers in the garages. This means that only small modifications will be needed to make buildings suitable for electric or hybrid cars. One car already on the road, at least, can charge overnight using a 15 amp outlet. If you already have electricity running to your garage, then you will not even need to provide a suitable circuit. You can simply plug in the car to an available outlet.

Weatherproofing the Garage

Like all electrical devices, you will need to keep the electrical outlet well maintained. One of your priorities should be to weather-proof the whole garage. A lot of garages leak during heavy rain, so make sure that the roof is properly tarred and also that the garage door shuts completely, with no gaps around the edges which can allow water to penetrate the surface. It may also be a good idea to place the outlet up high, so that it cannot be penetrated by ground water.

Maintaining the Electrical Outlet

As well as weatherproofing the garage, you should also take good care of your electrical outlet. Ensure that it is kept clean and that there are no insects nesting in the sockets when you come to connect the car. Check for signs of rust, and from time to time, run a voltmeter around the area. This should pick up any problems with the electrical charge your car is carrying.

Maintaining the Garage

Keep your garage clean, particularly the area around the electrical outlet. You should dust regularly, and also check that there are no animal nests. Small rodents can chew through cables and connections, which could result in the car being unable to charge. You should also examine the walls of the garage to ensure that it is dry enough to support an electrical current.